Wire Framing


What are wireframes?

Website wireframes are blue prints that define a web page’s content and functionality. They do not convey design – e.g. colors, graphics, or fonts. Wireframes – combined with Site Maps – are the bread and butter tools of information architects. Website wireframes are useful for conveying the general page structure and content requirements for individual Web pages. Typically wireframes are developed by an information architect, requirements analyst, or designer.




How are wireframes used?

Using detailed wireframes will frequently flush out new requirements and questions that nobody has thought about yet. They also help to keep a paper trail of functional and design decisions that are made. Getting signoff on a set of detailed wireframes can save a lot of time and money. Forcing managers and clients to actually think about the site’s functionality at a page level will avoid changes later on. Otherwise programmers can end up making endless changes and tweaks to their code.

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