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Websites are undoubtedly the most important in the arsenal of online marketing tools available to businesses, but many companies fail to harness the potential their websites can provide to their businesses. To be able to compete in today’s climate, your business must rethink its website strategy and look beyond the mere aesthetic value of websites.

Impress your customers

A well-designed website creates a positive image of your company to your customers. However, for today’s discerning and increasingly web-savvy customers, a well-designed website means more than an aesthetically designed ‘brochure ware’. A website that is good to look at is just eye candy. To elevate your website as a useful platform to empower your customers in obtaining information about your products and services and making sound decisions, you need a website that is truly functional. A well thought-out site structure, effective navigation scheme and design layout are the keys to a useful website. Your customers will appreciate how much you understand their needs.

Embrace web standards

Businesses are beginning to understand the importance of web standards. Websites that are compliant with such standards and best practices as XHTML, CSS, separation of content and presentation, semantic markup and unobtrusive JavaScript, to name but a few, are well on the way of bullet-proofing themselves from future changes and increasing the potential of working correctly on a wide range of browsers. Web standards open up possibilities for extensibility, usability and accessibility of your website across different platforms and by different audiences.

Professional web design solutions

For each website design project that we are engaged for, Xebtech Systems focus on the key objectives of designing a professional looking website that is in line with the client’s objectives and corporate branding, developing an elegant and easy-to-use navigation scheme, and developing a website that is fast to download and access. Our team works closely with you to understand your visions for the website, striving to incorporate your business ideals, your company culture and corporate identity within the website. Our designers and developers possess relevant expertise to help you create your online presence while adhering to today’s web standards and fulfilling your specific website needs.

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