Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimizatization is a process of fine tuning /optimization of website so that it gets higher ranking in Search Engines. These optimization practices are both onsite and offsite.

We all know the importance of having a Web site rank well in search engine results for searches on specific keywords/phrases. If your Web site doesn’t have a page appearing in the top 10 search engine result positions (SERPs) the chances of someone clicking on your listing, and actually visiting your site, drop dramatically. If you’re not in the top 20 you have almost no chance that someone will scan through the SERPs that far to find your page.

Optimizing your site and content for a search engine, for a better ranking in SERPs, is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), yet many Web developers/designers either don’t take time to code a site properly or don’t know how to do proper SEO. The basics of code optimization are just sound HTML coding practices; when followed, they go a long way toward SEO.

There is a lot you can do to optimize your Web site for search engines from the code level. Where you can also affect things, and this is beyond the work of the developer/designer, is in the actual content. Understanding how to tag the content, and where to place it in the HTML, is critical. Here is a basic outline of SEO best practices.

Understanding the difficulties that companies might face in SEO, Xebtech Systems  is providing SEO Services through exceptional tools and techniques that guarantee top ranking in 2 months. Our team includes SEO Experts who have been working in the SEO Field for the last 3 years and we have a solid record of raising our clients to the success level that is beyond their imagination.

Our SEO Team headed by Leading SEO Expert of Pakistan Waqas Nasir who is highly acclaimed internet marketing expert and one of the pioneers in SEO Services in Pakistan with a track record of countless sites optimized for both Organic SEO and PPC Adwords.

Why Choose Xebtech for Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) ?

Xebtech Systems is one of the few companies who use the industry standard SEO Tools for both Keyword Analysis and Tracking Ranking for websites. We design and develop the sites keeping in mind the Search Engine Optimization needs using the White Hat SEO Techniques and Standards defined by Google. i.e XHTML , CSS page layout and easy and efficient navigation and linking.

We dont believe in Black Hat SEO Techniques and short cuts. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is not magic. The optimization process is slow and it takes time for the results to come to light.

No site can guarantee the first page positions on Google and Yahoo and technically its correct. But with sheer determination and experties of SEO Gurus and Experts, we can guarantee top 20 position for the site to show on desired keywords at most 1 years time depending on the Keyword Competition.

If you want to increase traffic and earn business by catching the eyes of potential customers by having top rankings in search engines, Do give Xebtech Systems’ a chance to prove our Search Engine Optimization Experties and Skills.

For further details about Search Engine Optimization , contact us.

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