Scope Creation

Scope Creation

A ‘Scope of Work’ is a plan for your website. You can use the scope for your own purposes, or you can send it out for bidding or approval. Ultimately, the scope is the bridge between your idea and its implementation.

Having a properly crafted Scope of Work is essential because it gives you a plan to make your website work. We can help you develop this document and prepare it in a professional and presentable format.

Here are a few of the items we normally include in a client’s Scope of Work:

  • Purpose and goals of the project
  • Project Map – Detailed project outline
  • Technical requirements
  • Project timeframe
  • Maintenance and update needs etc.

Why is having a Scope of Work important? There are several reasons that have helped our clients save time and money on the actual development with a clearly defined Scope of Work.

A Scope of Work:

  • Is a plan that helps guide you through the web design process
  • Addresses potential objections before they arise
  • Is an official document that can be presented to Boards of Directors, executives or other parties for approval
  • Can be sent out for bidding to receive responses from only the most qualified companies
  • Creates a paper trail that you can always look back toward if things get off track.

If you would like us to create a scope of work for your project or proposal, please contact us.


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