Do your PowerPoint presentations suffer from tacky and unsophisticated transition effects rather than focussing on clear, well designed layouts?

Effective promotional presentations inject life into your products and services. Our high-performance presentations enable your prospects to have an in-depth look at your company at their convenience.

Presentations that contain animated graphics, video and audio clips, together with attractive transitions from one page to the next, can give you a product that is memorable. We have used this medium very successfully to attract visitors onto exhibition stands, launch new products at seminars and provide useful customer information within reception areas.

Our expertise includes animated/interactive presentations for conferences, seminars, meetings, tradeshows, tutorials, digital catalogs, corporate identity, brochures and 2D animations amongst others. Using our creative skills, we can review your content, repurpose it for a multimedia presentation and integrate your speaker notes, product imagery and graphic elements into a memorable multimedia presentation – be it selfrun or interactive.

We create corporate presentations in the following formats:

  • Flash
  • PowerPoint

To learn how we can help you with your multimedia presentation, please contact us.


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