Interactive CD-ROMs

Interactive CD-ROMs

Like websites, CD-ROMs have a large number of applications in the business world. Unlike websites, they can be viewed offline and by those without an Internet connection, thereby reaching a far larger potential audience.

With no download required, CD-ROMs are an ideal medium for distributing substantial amounts of information such as detailed images or large multimedia files – audio/video.

With an interactive CD-ROM you can make a huge impact using a wide variety of different media such as custom designed graphics, movie clips, animation, sound tracks, quizzes, games and narration – intensifying your corporate image.

Some of the potential applications of an interactive CD-ROM include:

  • Standalone products for sale to the public
  • Inductions and interactive internal company training guides
  • Company profiles or showreels
  • Annual reports and stakeholder reports
  • Multimedia product and service demonstrations
  • Interactive knowledge bases e.g. brochures and catalogues

The typical multimedia CD title will begin with a short but dynamic introduction of music and animation, followed by a screen displaying the CD’s contents with links to the various pages of products, applications, videos, contact information, or any other information you wish to include.

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